Irwin Franklyn

Another goodie of Black Cinema. Anise Boyer steals the movie. She is strikingly pretty. The prettiest of Black Cinema. What a natural in front of the scene, even though this was her first and only movie. Anise Boyer was a Cotton Club chorine alongside Lena Horne. Many times she was voted more prettier then Horne. She was also called the prettiest chorine of the East. In this movie Anise is petite but powerful. The story is basically like most musicals of the 1930’s. A girl comes from the south to the big city Harlem looking for work, she gets to become a star but she has to pay for her stardom and she gets involved in some risky business, through it all she remains sweet and unharmed. She’s a girl you won’t forget. She has a dry tarty type of voice that’s so cute. She’s a mixture of Alice White and Jean Harlow. She is just sweet as pie and tough as nails. Anise steals the movie even from Bill Robinson.